Monday, May 3, 2010

Me myself and I

So here's what's up. Evie doesn't feel like evie anymore :S I'm not liking the chat anymore :( it's kinda like really pissing me off, too much drama, I mean I know that I cause like alot of it but.. BLAH ! I don't really get along with everyone anymore, and I have a problem with keeping my opinion to myself, and I get ticked off waaaaay too easy. But whateves. I'm kinda getting the feeling that I'm nit loved anymore x(. But I wanted you all too know that I had a blast while it lasted. All good things cone to an end. I've learned who my real friends are and aren't. And I know I said that I'd come back on chat wen that "said someone" left.. But it doesn't look like their leaving, and it's their life and I'm tired of trying to fix things and only make them worse. But thank you all ! Ur all my besties ! And I'm really gonna muss you :(

Carson-omfg omfg k, you have become my best friend! I've told you like everything on my mind, I feel like I can trust you with anything, like you don't even know how much I love you :D ! Your amazing car, all this stupid drama when pretty much everyone was against me, you were always beside me. Thank you times a million! Without you I'd be lost, your the cheese to my maccoroni, and I like EXTRA cheese :3 I hope your not mad at me for my decision but I think I've gone phsyco :p . I'm gonna miss you bbg. but even after this I don't want to loose contact with you, I'm gonna email you like everyday. Love you.

Blair- thank you soo much, along with Carson, you always had my back. No matter what, and that ment sooooo much, I don't think you'll ever know how much you've changed my life.. Like honestly I don't know where'd I'd be right now without you, ever since the day I joined you were one of my besties :) your my bitch and don't you forget it ;D, <3

Cristy- I'm also sorry I forgot to add you, last nite I was like half asleep, I just wanted to say sorry because of everything that happened with bre and me, cuz I kno your good feiends with her, and your a reaallyy nice person, hopefully we'll be able too stay in contact :) I'll miss you .
Jamie- Jamie Jamie Jamie.. At first I never reaally talked to you , but eventually I got really close too you, I've told you so much that not much people would understand , and you always understood. I wanna thank you for everytjng, you gave me some really good advice when I really needed it. Thank you Hun. :) I'm gonna miss you,,

Johnny- my Johnny cake :3 I'm so sorry muffin man, I've been thinking latly and I'm not sure about anything anymore, your my best guy friend on here :) and I've also told you alot , your awesome ;D and your the nicest guy on here, thank you for actually listening too me, I'm really gonna miss you, please stay in touch.

Pony- pwnz!!!!!! Your amazing aswell :) your always here for me when I need to talk to someone, and your soo innocent and I love it. Your soo easy to get along with and I don't think I could ever make you. Thank you Also for everything, and always remember one thing...,.......................... stay gold.

Dallas- oh gawsh Dallas. My hockey nerd. I don't even know what too say too you.. Let's just say we've had our ups and downs... Alot of them... And everyone o would explode at you for really no reason, I'm sorry. And I really mean , and also I beleive you now. :) I'll email you when Pittsburgh wins the cup ;)

Emily- I'm so sorry I forgot you :( Im like very tired . But your amazing , and I'm sorry about everything we went through, like that huge fight, but latly I've been like oooober moody, and I'm really sorry, cuz your like sooo nice. I hope were cool. I love yoooou.
Dawn- dawnie boo I really miss you ;( I barely ever talk to you anymore, but I'm gonna tell you the truth, I love yiou like a sister, you seemed too get me.. Most people don't, everytime I made a mistake you were there for me, thank you soo much. Please email me to stay in touch :)

Lilly- I'm not gonna lie, at first I never really talked too you and I thought of you as one of those newbs. And I never ever really gave you a chance. I always thought you were immature, but I'm sorry for treating you like shit, youv told me alott things , and I feel like I know you.. Ya know?

Brookie- hello my cookie, you've always been the funny one, that's what I love about you ' and I'm gonna miss talking too you everyday. I'm sorry but I think I gotta go... Bye the time you get back il be gone, I wish I could have a way better goodbye, maybe I'll email you a better goodbye, but until then. This is goodbye. Love you.

Kitty- kitty your hilarious, always make me laugh with tour smartass jokes and another thong I love about you, is that your always honest with me, all my bad disicions you told me your opinion even if I wouldn't like it . Thank you for that I've learned from my mistakes. I'll miss you, <3

Jelly- jelly your such a little cutie, your the most beautiful and inteligebt person and you also have great taste in music :p . I'm really gonna miss you :( but hey there always has to be a goodbye, :'(

soda- I know that youv always hated me even tho I didn't do anything to you.... Ever. But like whatever, in sorry but I seriously didn't do anything. So I'm gonna make this nice and simple, you seemed pretty sweet and I wished it could have gone alot better. So I'm honestly sorry about everryrhing, but I'm guessing this isn't enough :\

Darry- well Darry me and you never really talked much, I mean I don't think you even really like me, but your not that bad of a guy, but I think you can do better. Im sorry I'd this is kinda harsh, but don't listen too me it's cool.

Mark- I hope I never made you feel as if you weren't important to me and I didn't care about you. Because that's not true at all, you mean the world too me it's just latly i've has alot of stuff on my mind, and I guess I just didn't treat you rite. Well I'm truely sorry for that. It wasn't my intenion to hurt you.

Steve- well me and you went through alot of bullshit, and I don't even think I should bother writing this out because you won't be reading this, bre will. So whatevr I had some shit to get off my chest , but fuck it.

Bre- well I never ever really got along with you, it's because of the fact I always thought it was a very selfish thing for you to do when you conpletly ditched your Steve charactor and only use bre meow. It sorta really pissed me off :\ but whatever you don't give a fuck what I think because you stent so fond of me Either, but I just thought I'd let you know how I felt. There's a lot more I'd like to tell you bur your probly suck of it. So if you really wanna know email me. I hope your happy. Bye.

I think that's everyone.... If u forgot one of you I swear I forgot so just remind me and I'll add you. Please do me a hugee favor and comment because no one seems to like to comment on my shit anymore. But whatever. I'm sorry please all of you email me at .. Orr inbox me on evie torres @ facebook. Love you all like tons. XOXOXOXOXOXO !!!' and I feel so bad for doing this too you, but I think most of you will be happier. And also if this blog thing gets any better ( probly won't) plzzzzzz tell me so I can come back. Ughhhhhh I don't wanna go. Maybe I'll come back when it's gone, and I can finally find myself, fix my addictions, and have my baby. I'll try to fill y'all in with everything goin on with the baby and everything.. And now that I'm gone I can feel like I can say anything and not get bitched at.. So I'll let ya know I've got a really really reaally bad problem, and I'm depressed, and I take everything you say to me to the heart, and I know I always say I'm fine and everything, but I'm usuLly bawling. I've gone through slot in the past year... Hardest year if my life no one should have too to through what I did, I lost my beatfriend in an accident, got pregnant, stole my aunts car, crashed my aunts car, got beaten by my father, almost killed my baby, drink, drank, drunk, ecstacey. But bad things happen so better things can happen. That's what I like think, and if you guys need any advice on anything please ask me. Drugs may be fun but there bad. I don't think I should make posts while I'm high, I dunno if this makes sence, it's very random. And one morevthing, I know I keep saying this ,,,, but PLEASE comment !!!!!! <3 <3 <3 live you all times 737932156953157953457 .this is gonna end how it started, "ladies and gentalmen, evie torres has left the building". Later hoes. Evies outy.

--Siarah Bradshaw.


  1. EVIE IM GUNNA MISS YA! I know at first we didn't really understand each other but.... I love ya like a sister now!

  2. hey evie! im sorry to hear how u have to go but u forgot me and remember this _evie ur the best and one of the toughest girls ive met keep it that way.and thinking on how we didnt even kno each other,but now were like gonna miss u kiddo and can u do me a favor and email me the password for the new chat at
    plz and we all love u

  3. Yay u finally believe me! :) haha and I know u will email me because I know the penguins r gonna win :p
    I wished u didn't have to go because I love hangin out with u but u gotta do what u gotta do and I guess I respect that man so cya evie

  4. We're going to miss you a TON Evie. But, I agree with Dallas, you gotta do what you gotta do. Luv you!

  5. Evie, since I've read this post I'm still haveing a hard time figuring out what to say. It's been about 8 hours now and its all I could think about all day.
    I love you, Evie. I've always thought you were a pretty legit person. I wont miss you, you know why? Because if you don't answer your e-mail I'm commin' all the way you where your pregnant ass lives and making you :3.
    I think its good for you to take a break. I mean, you've got so much shit you need to get through without the shit from the chat, you know eh?
    I love you hun. I wish you the best, and hope life desides to stop being a dick and treat you the way you deserve to be. Again, like what Dal said, 'you gotta do, what you gotta do'.
    I love you kid :3.

  6. Evie yes u did forget about me but it's ok no hard feelings. I have to be honest with u, when I didn't really know u and we had that stupid fight cuz I think u wanted me to leave for good. I got really pissed off at u and I started to hate u so I said to myself I never want to talk to u, I also thought u were rude and u only cared about yourself. I've come to realize ur not what I thought u were. Ur a great person I wish we never started off that way.

  7. Evie, I love you. <3 I never thought you didn't care about me. Im gonna truly miss you. I hope you'll come back soon.

  8. Evie this made me very sad. I will miss our endless arguments about who is better, Freddie Mercury or Kurt Cobain :( . I will miss you a lot!!!!!!! This is hard for me to admit but I have come to the conclusion that Freddie Mercury & Queen and Kurt Cobain & Nirvana are................EQUALLY AWESOME :D. But I still dont think Freddie Mercury looks like a pedophile! I hope you can come back once you get things figured out.
    -Angelica Winston

  9. Im sad that evie's going.....but i really hope that siarah and i can stay besties :D

  10. ... Yea you forgot me, but whatever, it doesn't really matter.

    ... What the fuck... I felt like crying after what you've written cause it sounded really real, and it was like... The actual truth. I just want to say that you're one of those really cool people that I looked up to and wanted to be really good friends with... But I dunno... I keep thinking that the "someone" is me, and it probably IS... And, I don't really mind, everyone probably will miss you more than they'd ever miss me... So if you really want, I can just quit, as long as everyone is happy and no one is left out. I mean, I really don't care what happens to me, it's not like anyone else are going to care, so if you were talking about me, then I can just go so you can come back...? Would that be better...?

  11. it wasn't you Candie, it was someone else D:.

  12. Are you sure? I mean, I trust you, Carson. Cause like Evie said, she told you everything and she trusted you, so if she was talking about me, then you'd probably tell me to just fuck off and leave. And yea, I'm perfectly fine with leaving cause Evie deserves to stay... So anyways, I'll take your word and understand that the 'someone' ain't me, and... Well, I hope everything's going to be okay...

  13. Grrr. Blogger never posted my comment! Pissed me off I found out like now.

  14. Anyway....

    I know we had struggles. I know I may have said some things that hurt you of made you mad. I am very firm with my opinions and in most cases stubborn to the point of stupidity. But everything I ever said or did to you, I did it because I thought it was best. I wanted to realize what was happening and I know it may have not been the best way to say it but I thought if I was hard enough I could get the message through. I love you Mcshizzle. Always have, always will.

    KittyKat Curtis