Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Someday maybe ill understand..

Its been months since ive talked to steve. Im startiong to think he forgot about me.. and his baby. In one week, one fucking week, ill be having his baby, the one he had convince me to have with him because we WERE inlove. Theres been so much going through my head latly i dont even know what to think - I'm not gonan lie, i am scared.. horrified. I cant raise a baby on my own! i can barely care for myself.. And to think, In just seven days ill be a mom, my life will never be the same, I need to get my siht together.

Me and Sandy were hanging out, driving around. "Everything will be fine, how hard do you think it is? plenty of your friends are mothers, including me!" Sandy said, trying to comfort me. "Yeah well this is different" I answered with a sad face. "I'm sorry Evie. Why don't you just tell him you need help with the baby?" Sandy asked. "No theres no point, he doesnt give two flying fucks about me or the baby" I replied. "Yes he does Evie, maybe he just needs a little reminder" Sandy said. "Forget it you don't understand." I said, "Yea I do, i have a baby incase youv forgoten" Sandy said. "Yeah but this is a little differnet Sandy." "Evie loosen up! its really not that bog of a deal, Someday Steve will come around to his senses and come back for you and the baby!" Sandy said. "That's just it Sandy. What if Someday never comes?" I asked. "What are you talking about?" Sandy asked. "What if Steve doent come back for me? Im gunna have to raise this baby on my own and what would you do?" I asked again. "Evie, Why are you talking like this? that won't happen I know Steve." Sandy said. "Yes it will. I know Steve beter then anyone, and hes NOT coming back for me!" I yelled. "That doesnt mean he wont ever!" Sandy yelled. "It might as well be!" I yelled back again. "Get OUT of my car!" Sandy demanded. "You think im gunna walk home? NO!"

Without thinking Sandy Hit me across the face. I hit her bk. After that I grabbed her stomach in pain. "What's Wrong? are you all right?" Sandy asked. "I think I'm having a contraction." I slowly said through breaths. "You're not suppose to have this baby for another week!" Sandy said. "Well A week early is going to after to do." I Said. "Why? How do you know?" Sandy asked. "Because my water just broke!"...

Friday, March 18, 2011

First and for most, ive gotta say ive missed you guys like crazy. its been a long 6-7 months, nad ive given this lots of thoguht, and i think im ready to come back, i mean if thats alright. i totally understnad if not, and ive heard theres a new evie? :s or was gunna be a new evie? i really really hope its ont too late. Anddd id like to knnow who all the new people are, i mean like ive been gone ofr 7 months and theres quite a bit of new names :P nbd tho, just like to know who you all aree . Uhh , add me on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100002290380416 and add me upp. and Im gunna be making alot ofr blog posts, and thats a promise :P.

Love you guuyz,
Evie xo.

Monday, August 2, 2010

nobody fucks with evieeee (:

Today was a very shitty day. :\ i got dumped. Keith just haad to turn my smile upside down and break my heart. . But the funny thing is, he couldnt even do it himself, he had to get Austin to do it.. whata man eh?. At first i was like really really upset and crying, until i found out WHY he dumped me. Bre told him too becuase Bres still like madly inlove with him, annnd shes engaged. by that time i wasnt upset anymore, i was PISSED, CHOKED, FURIOUS WHATEVER YOU WANTA CALL IT . but anyways, I hung out with Austin to get my mind off of thing, and it worked :D!!,. When it started to get dark out, we decided we would go get some ice cream from Frosty Freaze~! Not as a date or anytihng, just as friends to get my mind off of Faggot. yes, by Faggot i mean Keith. Austin got chocolate i got vanilla!. After we finshed our ice cream and talked ofr a little bit, we thought we'd go back to his house for abit. On the way back, we ended up seeing some one... some one named Keith. I knew what was gonna happen before it even happened. We approached him and he never even noticed us. Before he had time to react he was on the ground. Austin had promised me he'd kick the shit outa him for me!! it was really gross. there was blood every where. and im guessing he has a few broken bones :). After he kicked all the living shit outa him, i went up to him and said "i told you this would happen" and kicked him once, and spat in his face. its was really fuuny!. Keith, i suggest you stay the fuck away from me for awhile. and for bre, have fun with whats left of him.

Evie xx

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well the other day i was talking with Sandy, she was thinking of comming ofr another visitt, hopefully a little better then the last one :P. And then some how i brought up that she could move down here O.O ... I know alot of you might not be exactly the fondest of her, but weve been friends as long as i can remember. Annnd she could help me raise my baby, i mean she does have a 2 year old named Danielle. So if everyones okai with the idea o her moving down here id be flattered!! And if it doenst work out, she could always leave. But over all ii just wanted oyur guys permission of her moving down, Comment with what you think!!!

Your Bitch,
Evie Torres <3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Drama, and TATTOO !!!!!!!

Kso I know this post is about my tattoo , but before I bring that up I wanted to saay all this so called "drama" is really starting to piss me off! I've been back for like two days and the whole time I was either bring bitched at or hearing about someone else who's being a dumb cunt. Everyones gonna have a different opinion so shut your fucking mouths!

Kai now that I got that off my back I'll tell you about my tattoo !! I was thinking of getting the ribbons from a corset on my back. Here's s picture of a corset, Now only imagine it on my back. And plz ignore the slut in the picture. http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/images/17/17023-pantent-ribbon-laced-boned-corset.jpg
I'm going to get it tomorrow, let me know what y'all think :) and I'll put a picture on facebook !

Loves yah !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Evies back !

Well its been awhile since ive posted.. or even read posts. On the bright side, im not depressed anymore, ive been sober for 2 months, and will do so til i pop my babe out :). Ive been in china for the past 2 monthes, but im back now! i learned karate :). beat that mother fuckers. Well i have notihng to psot abotu today, but i swear to fucking christ ima post mroe often. if your still reading this im really surprized becasue tihs is p-o-i-n-t-l-e-s-s. and youve wasted a minute of oyur life reading tihs that yooull never get back. >.> as have i been writing this. but anyways im outy. ill post within a week on somthing interesting... maybe..

Stay fresh,
Evie Torres.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long story short- evies depressed and wants to die. It seems like it's been better since I left. and I can't come back anyways. So I'm gonna go get smashed and crash my car and die. Love you guys