Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Someday maybe ill understand..

Its been months since ive talked to steve. Im startiong to think he forgot about me.. and his baby. In one week, one fucking week, ill be having his baby, the one he had convince me to have with him because we WERE inlove. Theres been so much going through my head latly i dont even know what to think - I'm not gonan lie, i am scared.. horrified. I cant raise a baby on my own! i can barely care for myself.. And to think, In just seven days ill be a mom, my life will never be the same, I need to get my siht together.

Me and Sandy were hanging out, driving around. "Everything will be fine, how hard do you think it is? plenty of your friends are mothers, including me!" Sandy said, trying to comfort me. "Yeah well this is different" I answered with a sad face. "I'm sorry Evie. Why don't you just tell him you need help with the baby?" Sandy asked. "No theres no point, he doesnt give two flying fucks about me or the baby" I replied. "Yes he does Evie, maybe he just needs a little reminder" Sandy said. "Forget it you don't understand." I said, "Yea I do, i have a baby incase youv forgoten" Sandy said. "Yeah but this is a little differnet Sandy." "Evie loosen up! its really not that bog of a deal, Someday Steve will come around to his senses and come back for you and the baby!" Sandy said. "That's just it Sandy. What if Someday never comes?" I asked. "What are you talking about?" Sandy asked. "What if Steve doent come back for me? Im gunna have to raise this baby on my own and what would you do?" I asked again. "Evie, Why are you talking like this? that won't happen I know Steve." Sandy said. "Yes it will. I know Steve beter then anyone, and hes NOT coming back for me!" I yelled. "That doesnt mean he wont ever!" Sandy yelled. "It might as well be!" I yelled back again. "Get OUT of my car!" Sandy demanded. "You think im gunna walk home? NO!"

Without thinking Sandy Hit me across the face. I hit her bk. After that I grabbed her stomach in pain. "What's Wrong? are you all right?" Sandy asked. "I think I'm having a contraction." I slowly said through breaths. "You're not suppose to have this baby for another week!" Sandy said. "Well A week early is going to after to do." I Said. "Why? How do you know?" Sandy asked. "Because my water just broke!"...


  1. Ok so I appoligize for kinda slapping you. lmfao. But you know what I do understand I'm pregnant for the second time with my ex's kid. soo in your face! And holy shit! That was scary! You stained my seats with your water shit and like AHHH! I'm scared. That was sooo freakin scary!

  2. Maybe Steve will come around. If not, fuck him! Dude you don't need a guy to help you raise your baby, besides Steve is crazy not to want you back.

  3. 1) To be honest, I don't think Steve would be much help himself. xD He's one big baby himself love lol
    but eves your one of the strongest people ik you can do this :3 im not worred about you and if you ever need help thats what im here for :P