Sunday, August 1, 2010


Well the other day i was talking with Sandy, she was thinking of comming ofr another visitt, hopefully a little better then the last one :P. And then some how i brought up that she could move down here O.O ... I know alot of you might not be exactly the fondest of her, but weve been friends as long as i can remember. Annnd she could help me raise my baby, i mean she does have a 2 year old named Danielle. So if everyones okai with the idea o her moving down here id be flattered!! And if it doenst work out, she could always leave. But over all ii just wanted oyur guys permission of her moving down, Comment with what you think!!!

Your Bitch,
Evie Torres <3


  1. She should come :p I'm sure Blaze would be ok with an older woman girlfriend ;)

  2. I was never quite fond of her, but you two are friends so yeah its fine by me.

  3. SANDY is coming thats great i havent talked to her in a real long time. i remember how i used to bother u too for fun and we would go everywhere haha but she was more ur best friend than mine

  4. oh yea soda,, :/ that could be a problem

  5. no its not gonna be a problem. soda has moved on. and sandy has moved on. -.- and i think its a great idea eves.
    carson- blaze and an older woman girlfriend? -.- do u want him to end up like dallas? LOL