Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So heres whtas going down.

Sorry guys i havnt posted in some time now D: , Ive needed time to think.. But anyways, heres whtas goign on.. Poor poor Johnny :( Pony got Brooks eggo preggo, Now i feel real real bad for him :(. && For me.. i dunno what to say. Lets just say im not doing as wel as m usually doing. Latly ive been very depressed.. its like i dont wanna do anything. Im not being myself!. And im tempted to do alot of tihngs i know im not sapose to do, if you know whta i mean by that.., Not to metion i'm starting to have second thoguhts on alot of things. I havnt told anyone about this cuz it would make tihngs worse.. ugh i dont know what to do! if i say somthing to anyone it'll get out nad il be fucked.. but if i keep it to myself for much longer ill be fucked when its to late. But i really really dotn wanna cause anymore dramma then there already is.. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!! When ever i DO plan on telling people, please dont be mad, i just dont tihnk ... i can. Well tonight im letting all these fuckign stupid emotions out ~! gonna go blow off some steam! hopefully ill stay away from trouble and temptations... but i have a pretty good idea on whats gonna end up happening. i promise ill update tomorrow about tonight. it shuld be waaaaay more intereting them this stupid short post.


  1. oh Eves. Dont do anything stupid ok? And Im here if you wanna talk:D