Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ON OUR WAAY !!!!!!

Yaay, so i just got back from Flordia today :), And im leaving tonight cuz me nad Dawn are going on our trip !! We've decided that we are going to Padre Island, its in Texas ! its soo pretty ! were only sapose to be gone for like three days but when we get there we probly wont want to come home, so i'd say we'll be there for a week . :P Im gonna get each member of the gang a present when im there =D just cuz i love yoou ! i really hope i can swim with dolphins XD OMFG DAWN JUST SAID SHE'LL BE HERE IN 20 MINUTES TO GO AND I HAVN'T PACKED D: SHiiT! sorry dawn you mite have to wait awhile for me . well i gotta go pack, heres a picture of the beautiful island IM going to !! i bet your jelous.


  1. Yes Evie... I am fucking jealous :P

  2. its amazinng :). its making me ignore the fact that in the first sentence u called me dawb!! i cant wait :DD!!

  3. LMFAO sorry bout that i never even noticed .. ill fix it rite noow. LOL BLONDE MOMENT.

  4. Evie, once again I've failed to read a post.
    but your awesome :D
    and no. I'm not listening to your playlist because its probably all sexy bitch. x]

  5. LMFAO !! its not ALL sexy bitch.. jsut the frst song :P and i got a new favourtie song .... LIL HIPSTER GIRL BY LMFAO !!!!