Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sandy ....

Well today on chat we started talking about Sandy, and i had the idea for her to come visit, you know just say hi and all, so i asked Soda if it was okaai if she came down, and he didnt care. So i gave her a call, She's flying down tomorrow, with her daughter. i no, i no, i no alot of you guys hate her, but just give her a chance! Well Shes staying at Steve's with me, but i dont think Steves gonna be there .LOL ! But when she gets here can you guys try to be nice .? even if you fake it lol. i tihnk im the only one whos excited but whatever, I GET TO SEE DANIELLE TOO !! WOOT WOOT,


  1. oh, i dont hate her ^-^. i just think shes a prostitute :D. but wen are we leavin tulsa for our little trip eves?!

  2. Evie you skinny hoe D:< haha.
    say hola to Sandy for moi :]

  3. is danielle her kid ?
    i hate what she did to soda , but i aint there so its all good

  4. Lol, Yeaaah Danielles her daughter, Shes adorable. And Sandys accully really nice !! adn her nad Soda talked.... And btw Sandy say Hi !!